RatePunk Reservation System Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are an integral part of the RatePunk Reservation System Agreement, signed between you and RatePunk. These Terms & Conditions apply to all Bookings made through the RatePunk Reservation System and to all members of your party. Please read them carefully, before proceeding with your Booking.

By clicking on the “I agree with terms & conditions” box, you accept that you are creating a legal agreement on the terms and conditions below, and that this agreement is valid and legally binding. If there is any part of this document you do not fully understand, or if you have a query, please contact RatePunk before accepting it.

RatePunk reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.


These Terms & Conditions are by and between RatePunk, hereinafter referred to as "Provider" and the other party "Client" (You).

Both parties agree the following:


In these Terms & Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:

“Agreement” is the Provider Reservation System Agreement, signed between Provider and the Client, on the basis of which the Client was granted the use of the Reservation System.

“Booking” means both requested and confirmed Booking or reservation for Products or Services made by the Client.

“Booking Request” means the request by the Client to Provider for a Booking or reservation of Products or Services.

“Booking Confirmation” means Provider’ confirmation of the Client’s Booking Request.

“Reservation System” means the online system operated by Provider and accessible only via RatePunk browser extension, which allows the Client to make booking requests, bookings for accommodation or any other Products or Services offered by Provider.

“Reservation Process” means Provider’s booking procedures available via the Reservation System which the Client must follow in order to make Bookings.

“Products or Services” means any accommodation (at the hotels, villas, apartments etc.) product offered for sale/to book via the Reservation System.

“Accommodation Services” means the provision of sheltered overnight accommodation for a fee in appropriately equipped rooms, including at least a bed, offered as a main service to tourists (hotels, villas, apartments, etc.). The provision of overnight sheltered accommodation may include the provision of food services, fitness activities, entertainment and other.

“FIT” means Fully Independent Travel products or services sold by Provider to the Client.

“Prices” means the prices offered by Provider for the sale of Products or Services by Provider to the Client and displayed to the Client on the Provider Website or Reservation System.

“Special Booking Terms” means any special conditions, booking remarks, terms or information about the products or services as notified to the Client either during the Reservation Process or otherwise by the Provider.

“Cancellation Policy” means special rules, set out by the Provider or/and the Supplier, that apply to the Client in case of cancellation of a corresponding Booking. Cancellation policies apply for each Booking and may be different for each product or product type, service or service type, supplier, dates of travel etc.

“Free Cancellation Deadline” means the date by which the Booking may be canceled without being liable to pay a penalty. The Free Cancellation Deadline is specified in Cancellation Policy.

“Cancellation Penalty” means a penalty indicated in Cancellation Policy and payable by the Client upon cancellation of a corresponding Booking. Such penalty is intended to cover losses incurred by the Provider and/or its Supplier as a result of Booking cancellation.

“Website” means pages or a related group of pages which are linked together using the hypertext transfer protocol (“http”) located at https://hotels.ratepunk.com/home.

“Supplier” means anyone who gives products or services to the Provider.

“NET price” means that the full amount is payable for Product or Service.

“Service-start” means the date and time when the execution of Service is started: in case of accommodation services it means check-in date.

“Service-end” means the date and time when the execution of Service is completed: in case of accommodation services it means check-out date.

“Force Majeure Events” means events over which parties of these Terms & Conditions has no control, such as fire, earthquake, flood, substantial snowstorm, abnormal weather conditions, epidemic, explosions, strikes, riot, civil disturbance, lockout or industrial dispute or governmental or regulatory authority action, war, act of God, power cuts and communication network failures, and etc.


In order to purchase Provider Products or Services, the Client shall make the Booking Request in the Reservation System. Once the Booking Request has been submitted, the Reservation System will automatically confirm it and send a confirmation email message to the email address provided by the Client. Only when Provider confirms Booking Request, it becomes a definitive Booking not requiring Provider reconfirmation. The corresponding Booking Request is not considered to be confirmed or canceled, until the Provider confirmation email message is received.

Booking Request, also requests to amend or cancel the Booking cannot be accepted by telephone.

It is the Client’s responsibility to read the Special Booking Terms accompanying any Booking, Booking request, amendment, confirmation, cancellation or information otherwise brought to the Client’s attention by Provider and to ensure the Client is aware of all points affecting responsibilities of the Client. The Client will be liable for any charges or fees specified in Special Booking Terms of the corresponding Bookings the Client makes or attempts to make via Reservation System or otherwise.

Please note that each Booking must have all Client names mentioned in full. The name entered first will automatically be assigned as lead name. Please state all names as written in the passport to ensure a smooth check-in. For many cities in the USA, above all for Las Vegas and New York City, all Client names are mandatory based on requirements of the local or national authorities. In case not all names are specified in full, the Supplier or service provider may cancel your booking without prior notification. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the personal details carefully before confirming a Booking as incorrect details may result in cancellation of the Booking.

Please note that all Accommodation service Suppliers on the Provider Reservation System requires one of the clients to be at least 18 years old. In some states of the United States of America there are higher age limits. If you have booked accommodation in the United States and the clients are under 25 years of age, please contact the Supplier directly for clarification. This is fully the Client’s responsibility and Provider will not take any responsibility for violation of these policies.


In most cases Booking amendments can be made through the Provider Reservation System. If it is not possible to make an amendment of the corresponding Booking on Provider Reservation System, the Client must contact Provider by sending an email with an amendment request to the Provider customer support (see section Contact Details) before the Cancellation deadline of the specific Booking. Provider shall not process any of Client’s requests made by phone. If the Client notifies Provider of cancellation without complying with the above-mentioned conditions, the order shall be considered as not to have been canceled and the original status of Bookings will be deemed accurate and applicable for all purposes, including charges and payments obligations.

Any amendments may be subject to new prices and new Special Booking Terms. In certain cases, name or any other changes are not permitted and the Booking may need to be canceled and rebooked and new prices and/or cancellation fees may apply.

Booking amendments can only be dealt with when requested by the Client to Provider. 


Bookings can be canceled by sending a written email to Provider Customer Support (see section Contact Details), detailing the Booking number, service name and passenger name. Provider will send an acknowledgement of receipt and inform of all the charges, if any, which may be applicable. Booking cancellation request email is only acceptable and held legitimate if it comes from the Client directly.  

When making a Booking Request, the Reservation System always provides the Cancellation Policy and Special Booking Terms which apply for the requested Product or Service. The Free Cancellation Deadline specified in Cancellation Policy will be also provided together with Booking Confirmation, except when it is provided by Provider later (after receiving notice from the Supplier). Cancellations made before the Free Cancellation Deadline will not be charged. Cancellations made on and after the Free Cancellation Deadline will be subject to the Cancellation Penalty specified in Cancellation Policy.

Some of the Products or Services may not have a Free Cancellation Deadline and the Cancellation Penalty applies once the Booking is made. The Client confirms to be aware that in case such Booking is confirmed and canceled afterwards, charges will apply. This kind of Bookings as well as cancellation policies are often referred to as non-refundable or non-ref.

Any requests for cancellation on or after the Booking Service-start date must be sent to Provider Customer Support (see section Contact Details), which will inform you regarding any penalties that may be applied. Provider will charge the Cancellation Penalty as per Supplier‘s policy, which can vary up to 100% of the amount of the Booking.

In case the Supplier or the provider of the Product or Service confirms directly to the Client the cancellation free of charge after the Free cancellation deadline, the Client must present a written confirmation of free cancellation from the Supplier or the provider of the Product or Service. This written confirmation does not guarantee a refund of the Cancellation Penalty, but Provider will do their best to reduce or waive the Cancellation Penalty completely. Regardless, the Provider has the right to charge the Client as per the Booking Cancellation policy.

In cases when a Client asks to cancel the Booking one working day before Free Cancellation Deadline and doesn’t get canceled, depending on the reasoning of the cancellation, Cancellation Penalty may apply. All Booking cancellation emails must be sent at least 3 business days before the free cancellation deadline, which is provided in the confirmation email. 

No show by the Client at the Product or Service supplier in due time without prior notice shall be considered a cancellation.

Occasionally Suppliers or service providers report Provider about the errors in their cancellation policies. In such cases Provider reserves the right to modify the terms of Cancellation Policy applied for the Client even after the confirmation of a Booking. The Client will be informed about such modifications by email.

Provider reserves at its absolute discretion the right to cancel Client’s Bookings if they appear to have been made for the purpose of “holding space” for future sale or otherwise made in bad faith or contrary to these Terms & Conditions and/or the Agreement.


Generally, Products or Services are non-refundable after Service-strat, even if it is used only partially.

If the Client fails to show up at the Supplier the due date and/or time and does not advise Provider and Supplier of the same, the remaining portion of the Booking may be canceled without further notice. Unless specified otherwise, the Client may not receive a refund for all or part of the booking in the event of "no show".


Unless otherwise stated, all prices shown in the Reservation System are NET and deemed to be definitive at the moment of confirmation. Prices of Products or Services are subject to change until the Booking is confirmed. 

Prices of Products or Services do not include any additional fees imposed by the supplier for cribs, rollaway beds, baggage fees, gratuities, meals and beverages, mini-bar, snacks, shows, tours, tips, telephone calls, liquor, laundry, and other surcharges or other services and purchases of a personal and/or supplementary nature which are not otherwise specified in the quoted prices or which are excluded from the price. The Supplier will assess these additional fees, charges, and surcharges directly to the Client. All personal charges must be paid at the time of service or as designated by the Supplier.

Prices shown in the Reservation System exclude any transaction fees or bank charges, which may occur depending on the payment method chosen by the Client (credit card, online banking or other online payments). Prices also exclude any government or authority taxes payable locally e.g. tourist/local/ecology/city tax.

Provider reserves the right to vary Prices after confirmation has been given only in the case of variations in VAT or other applicable taxes, or other conditions beyond Provider's control, such as exchange rate variations in excess of 3%, changes in the periods of trade fair events by hotels or similar situations.

Provider has a right to change Prices unilaterally or cancel Bookings after wrong publications on the Reservation System which contain obvious erroneous mistakes in prices and/or descriptions.

In case the Booking is for Accommodation Services prices quoted are per room. 


All Bookings will be settled by the Client by means of prepayment in full no later than the final payment date (payment due date) specified by Provider, unless a specific alternative Agreement has been made between the Client and Provider. The final payment date will be specified both online and/or on the invoice which will be sent to the email address provided by the Client once the Booking has been made.

The Client shall pay the amount due for the Booking by bank transfer, or by any other payment method approved by Provider. Provider will not accept any payments made by any third party.

If the payment has not been received, the Provider is entitled to cancel the Booking. Any cancellation cost of the Booking will be invoiced to the Client.

If the Booking is made within Free Cancellation Deadline or if the Booking is a subject to Cancellation Penalty as of the moment of its confirmation, the Booking must be paid immediately. If, in this case, the due amount has not been received within 24 (twenty-four) hours after making the Booking, the Provider has the right to cancel it. Any cancellation costs will be invoiced to the Client.

If the Booking is made anytime before the Free Cancellation Deadline, the Client has a right to choose “Pay Later”. In this case, the Client submits their credit card details and on the Free Cancellation Deadline the Provider will automatically charge the Client’s credit card. It is the Client’s responsibility to submit the correct credit card details throughout the Booking Process. If on the payment day the Provider does not succeed to charge the Client’s credit card for any reason, the Provider has the right to cancel the Booking and Cancellation Penalty may apply. 

All payments must be made in the currency that appears on the Provider invoice.

Booking numbers provided by the Reservation System must be included upon payment submission, in order Provider could clearly identify the Bookings to which the payment corresponds.

If for any reason the payment might not be received by Provider by the payment due date, the Client must send by email a copy of the payment to Provider Customer Support (see section Contact Details).

Provider will never settle with the Supplier before receiving the payment from the Client and cannot be held responsible for any consequences taken or not taken by the Supplier because of pending payments.

The Client is responsible for payment of all bank charges when making payments into the Provider’s bank accounts. Provider will not accept any charges from intermediary banks.

Before payment is received in full, Provider or the Supplier is not obliged to issue any tickets, confirmations, or other travel documents.

After receiving the payment Provider will send the confirmation or other travel documents by email to the Client.

Provider will invoice the Client for bookings electronically. Invoices shall be issued and sent to the email address provided (specified) by the Client in no later than 1 (one) week after the Booking Service-end date.

The use of RatePunk’s Reservation System is free. All hotel bookings initiated and made through RatePunk’s Reservation System are subject to the RatePunk Premium terms and conditions at https://premium.ratepunk.com/terms. If you fail to comply with terms and conditions no bookings will be accepted through RatePunk’s Reservation System. 

Hotel rates available on RatePunk’s Reservation System are subject to paid membership of RatePunk Premium. If you do not have a membership, the annual membership fee of $11.88 will be applied and automatically charged within the first hotel booking made through RatePunk’s Reservation System. If, in case, after the hotel booking is confirmed, you cancel the membership, the hotel reservation will be automatically canceled. 



The categorization of the accommodation with stars is used to give a general overview of the quality of the accommodation and approximate level of facilities, services and amenities available. The criteria of these evaluations can vary in each country, depending on the local institution that defines the criteria. In certain countries the categorization with stars is not used for an official evaluation.

Accommodation descriptions in Provider Reservation System represent a generalization of all worldwide accepted criteria and can only be used as a guideline source. Provider cannot guarantee a particular level of quality or standard of accommodation and is not responsible for the categories and star ratings as these have been provided to Provider and accepted in good faith. Provider is also not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the accommodation textual description, including, but not limited to contact details (address, coordinates, telephone number, email etc.), range of provided services etc.

Hotel and/or guest room photographs are provided to give a general overview of the accommodation. Guest room photographs may be of a different category to the one the Client books and not identical to the room Client is allocated at the accommodation.

Star ratings do not necessarily reflect all the amenities or services that might be available at an Accommodation, and some amenities and features may not be available in every room or at every property with a particular star rating. If there are particular amenities or features that are important to you, please contact Provider Customer Support (see section Contact Details) and inquire as to the availability of such amenities or features.


If the Client has any special requests (for example, dietary requirements or room location) the Client must specify it during the Reservation Process, or such requests can be sent by email to Provider customer support (see section Contact Details) immediately after the Booking Request is made. Provider will pass on all such requests to the relevant Supplier. Unfortunately, Provider cannot guarantee that such special requests will be met. If the Supplier is unable to meet any such requests, neither Provider nor Supplier can have any liability to the Client in this respect.


Provider will always do its best to ensure that all confirmed Bookings are accepted by the Accommodation Service provider. If for some reason the Booking cannot be honored by Accommodation Service supplier (e.g. accommodation is closed, overbooked, has maintenance problems, cannot provide/honor the room(s) booked, etc.), Provider is responsible for finding alternative accommodation of a similar standard to the Client. If the alternative hotel is not acceptable to the Client, the Client may receive a full refund for the paid Booking and no charges are applied even if the Booking is non-refundable. If the Client decides to book an alternative property or the original accommodation at a higher rate by themselves, the conditions of the compensation should be agreed in advance, otherwise the refund of the price difference is not guaranteed.

If the Client accepts Provider offer of the alternative accommodation, the Client is deemed to waive the right to a refund for the accommodation which cannot be honored by the accommodation supplier.

When the Provider receives prior notice from the Supplier about the changes of accommodation, Provider shall advise the Client immediately and contact by email, upon receipt of such notice from the Supplier. Provider will issue all the support and assistance for the best possible solution, however it cannot be held responsible and accepts no liability for any losses or costs that might occur as a result of relocation as this is completely beyond Provider control.


In case the Client would be refused at check-in or whenever the Client is asked to pay directly to the Supplier for the services listed on the confirmation, the Client shall immediately contact Provider by an email (see section Contact Details). 

Provider emails (including Customer Support email) are only monitored during office working hours (see section Contact Details). 

In case the Client is charged by the Supplier for the services which are already included in the initial Booking confirmation, all receipts and/or other proof of payment must be collected and submitted to Provider for a claim and request of refund or adjustment.

In case the Client fails to contact Provider Customer Support, no refund can be claimed, as Provider was not given the chance to solve the matter and it may be that late cancellation or no-show charges apply.


Any Complaints about improper Products or Services should be brought to the attention of the Product or Service supplier on the spot. In case the problem has not been satisfactorily solved during the time the Product or Service is being used, the Client must send the complaint with all relevant correspondence to Provider in writing. Provider will not, in any event, handle any complaint that was not brought to the attention of the Supplier or Provider during the time the Product or Service being used and Provider will not deal with any complaints received later than 15 (fifteen) days after Service-end date.

Provider only accepts complaints that are sent in writing by email to Provider Customer Support (see section Contact Details) and which are accompanied by a written proof that the problem was reported on the spot to the Supplier’s management.


The Client is fully responsible for all Bookings made through Provider Reservation System.

Provider has no responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to delay or changes in transport schedules, defaults or overbooking by airlines, sickness, Force Majeure Events or any other causes that are beyond Provider’s and the Supplier’s control. All such losses or expenses are the Client’s responsibility. Provider strongly recommends buying appropriate private insurance prior to a trip.

Travel documents, including visas, as well as the compliance with customs regulations, are the Client’s and its party’s responsibility. Provider shall not be liable for costs incurred by Clients not carrying proper travel documentation.

In case the Client or any member of its party behave in an inappropriate manner or cause damage, distress, offense or injuries to others or if the Client’s actions risk damage to persons or property of others including the Supplier or third parties, the Client will bear the full consequences and costs of eventual actions taken against the Client by Provider, the Supplier or legal authorities.

Should Provider be held liable for any costs, damages, fines, fees etc. as a consequence of the Client’s or a member of its party’s inappropriate actions by the supplier or third parties (including legal authorities), the Client shall fully indemnify and hold Provider harmless from any of such claims (including legal fees incurred by Provider in order to defend itself).


For the purpose of making a booking in Reservation System the Controller processes the following personal data of a Client: name, surname, contact email address, credit card information, data and time the order was placed, criteria for the search (country, city, dates of stay, nationality, type of room, additional services, etc.), results of a search. 

Data subjects (Clients) have the right to access to their personal data, the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object to processing, the right to complain to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. 


Please use the following email addresses for the correspondence with RatePunk:

hi@ratepunk.com - general info, reservations and customer support, invoices, payments and other.

If there is a discrepancy between the contact information in these Terms & Conditions and the information on the RatePunk, please refer to the contact information on the Website.